“We rise by lifting others.” - Robert Ingersoll

The Dream Center Free Café is a warm and cozy environment that many say feels like family. The Café fed over 3,500 hungry people last year!

Project Jabez is a people-centered approach to our city-wide dilemma of homelessness and addiction. Understanding the answer to every problem is in the problem itself, Project Jabez’s mission is to provide a hand up to those in crisis situations who are falling through the cracks of a broken, over-taxed welfare system. The ultimate goal is to get people off the system and become productive members of society.

As a resource, Troll House is an informational hub offering people a nontraditional point-of-entry to local programs. Troll House’s mission is to help people navigate the sometimes confusing path to obtaining needed services.

Narcotics Anonymous’ mission is for every addict to have the opportunity to experience a new way of life. All of NA’s efforts work to reach a day when every addict in the world has an opportunity to experience their message of recover. Membership is free.

The Dream Center is an official hub of Teen Challenge New England. Founded in 1964, and possessing an 87-percent success rate, Teen Challenge’s mission is to bring life-changing hope to addicts and their families.

For children nine to 13 years of age, the Just Do It Squad’s mission is to teach children how to be responsible, committed and caring young people. Self expression through creative play and lots of fun activities!


Once Upon a Christmas will be held on December 17 this year (2017) at The Dream Center, from 1 to 3pm. Santa Bill, along with his elves, will pass out lots of treats, good-quality winter clothing, toys and games for the kids. There will plenty of good cheer and so much more…and it's all free, because love shares! Let us know if you would like to contribute or have any ideas for this wonderful event.