The Dream Center received the Children’s Heroes of 2014 Award from the Eckerd Foundation.

The Dream Center received the Rutland Project Vision award for 2015. What a wonderful surprise and honor!

The Dream Center made local and national news, being featured on PEGTV and Fox News.


Rutland Reader Article: The Dream Center: Helping Neighbors Care for Neighbors.


Our 5th annual Kids and Family Fun Day event will be held at Giorgetti Arena on November 24th 2018. This is a wonderful way to bring the entire community together under one roof to just have a day of fun with family and friends!


Troll House: Mondays through Thursdays from 1 to 4 pm.

The Dream Center Free Café is open Mondays, Wednesday and Saturday from 12:30 to 2 pm.

Street Walks: Weekly outings, just going out and walking the city streets, getting to know our neighbors. Contact Linda for days and times.
Confidential Mentoring: Intense, one on one mentoring partnership sessions specifically geared to the individual and their needs. Mentoring is available for anyone who is truly serious about changing their life. Contact Linda to schedule a confidential meeting.


A shower for the truly homeless is available at the center.