Someone asked me why I started blogging, the simple answer is to bring awareness to the community at large regarding the true condition of the poor souls who come to The Dream Center and why that condition exists.

You’ve heard me say it before and it’s worth repeating here:  to truly understand and help those less fortunate we must get into their story and journey with them.  Preaching at them, sending them off to counseling, chastising them or ignoring them only heightens the problems.

So what is the problem?  Many say it’s a drug problem, or it’s the governments fault, or it’s the environment that we are living in or how one was raised…..these are excuses, not the problem.

I’m a root digger so I keep going, searching for the root reason and here’s what I have found.  All of the above may be true but they are only symptoms of a deeper issue.  That deeper issue is that society has lost its sense of community.  We don’t know our neighbor. We don’t know the kids in our neighborhoods. We don’t check in on our neighbors or have the social events and community things we used to do.  We’ve become isolated from one another and we just don’t care.  Making money, keeping our jobs, raising our own kids, taking care of ‘me’ has replaced community.

Community by definition is simply shared ownership or participation.  We don’t do that anymore.


So, the solution to every problem is in the problem.  As a society we need to get back into community to get this situation turned around.  Of course, that means that we will have to endure some discomfort to our personal lives.  Are you ready to take ownership and responsibility for the epidemic we face in Rutland and in America?  Or, will you continue to go about life as usual and ignore it?  It will only get worse if you do.


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