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Understanding Our Mission
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“The greatest suffering known to mankind is feeling alone, unloved and unwanted.” - Mother Theresa

The Dream Center exists to lift and build people up by providing unconditional love and acceptance, no matter how hard or how long we have to work! Without exception, the center is a place of compassion, offering hope for every hungry and weary soul who has had their dreams broken and needs to find the hope that will help them dream again of a brighter future.


The Dream Center of Rutland strives to integrate with our community, to build a stronger society and make life better for all its residents. We work together with city organizations and leaders to build unity and tear down traditional silos. We are here to help you dream big, live big and restore your hope and power!

A Vermont non-profit corporation and IRS designated 501(c)3 organization, The Dream Center's mission to work more

More than just a soup kitchen, last year The Dream Center Cafe served over 3,500 more

Constrained by guidelines, many federally-funded organizations often cannot supply the help people truly more

The Dream Center houses several distinct services, activities and events. See all that is more